Not Dampening Our Beatles Enthusiasm: RAIN

The Beatles tribute show is circling through SoCal.

It could be urban legend that somewhere, at every minute of the day, "Yesterday" is playing on the radio.

We want to believe it. And we do believe that somewhere, on every date of the year, a Beatles tribute band is summoning the walrus. And call it serendipity or luck or a bit of magical mystery, but a major tribute tour just happens to be mop-topping it in our vicinity, right when the actual Sir Paul McCartney is in town.

Or close to it. RAIN just played in Orange County, and will be heading for Thousand Oaks, Santa Barbara, and Bakersfield next. The dates don't conflict with Sir Paul's dates at the Hollywood Bowl -- Tuesday, March 30 and Wednesday, March 31 -- in case you have tickets to one or both shows.

But if you don't, and you couldn't get 'em, and you still need to come together with some sweet Beatles action, RAIN is coming our way. This might be a good time to also mention that rain is coming our way, on Wednesday, March 31, so pack those macs if you're going to the Bowl, McCartney fans.

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