Not Your Average Date Night at the Spider Pavilion

Arachnophobia? Maybe we have a touch. But no matter how brave we act, seeing a bitty spider sends us into the arms of our sweetie. That's the thinking behind Not Your Average Date Night at the Natural History Museum. The museum knows that couples can do the typical things pretty much any night of the year, but a chance to gingerly step into the seasonal Spider Pavilion armed only with a flashlight and your bestest honey is a rare one.

And figure that people on a date have a much better chance of holding hands and cuddling close if there's something hairy, be-fanged and eight-legged dangling from a nearby web. There's also tuneage and refreshments on the evening's roster. Do spiders get their groove on to love songs? We like to think they do.

After you share a sudden hug with your crush inside the Spider Pavilion, you can both blame it on tarantula-induced willies, but inside you'll both know the happy truth -- you just wanted to get cozy, and fast. Thank you, spiders, for all the good things you do for our planet, and now for bringing lovers together.

Not Your Average Date Night at the Spider Pavilion
Friday night, October 24, 5-8PM
Natural History Museum, 900 Exposition Boulevard, Los Angeles

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