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With Vegas being just four or five hours away, depending on your Barstow lunch/coffee break, a lot of people around Los Angeles possess impressive Cirque knowledge. We'll even call them students de Cirque. They can tell you about their favorite "Ka" moment and where to sit for "O" and oh, bunches of Cirque-y factoids.

Still, when the famous spectacle shows up on our own shores, we go agog. Tickets fly, people line up under the tent. It's an event. Which is exactly what Kooza is turning out to be. It opens on Friday October 16th  at Santa Monica Pier, extra dates have already been added (filling out the last half of November, pretty much), and there's been a lot of show around the show.

If you Cirque, you know why. The clownage. The costumes. The lively tunes with singing from a planet all its own. And the acts? The aerialists and the contortionists and the Wheel of Death? Our question always is, "how do they do that?" The pal we often attend Cirque shows with always goes one further with "how do they practice that the first time?"

Skill and beauty and athleticism help. And let us add daring and vim, too. Kooza's here, LA. We won't be standing on somebody's head any time soon, but we can watch other people stand on people's heads, and do so with grace.

Kooza runs October 16th-November 29th at Santa Monica Pier

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