Now Extended: “Inside Private Lives”

If you've ever wanted to chat with the famous, "Inside Private Lives," a theatrical, audience-interactive, dishy delight now playing in South Pasadena, may be the microphone you've been seeking. The show recently was extended through the end of August -- meaning that it has been running for a year now -- meaning that people are lining up.

And what exactly are they lining up for? To talk with the likes of King Edward VIII and Brownie Wise (the Tupperware honcho) and John Dillinger. And many more very public figures. The cast of famous/infamous real headliners rotates from week to week, so if there's a particular celebrity, or combination of celebrities, you're keen to see, eye the list before heading out.

If you've never been to a play where, as an audience member, you take part, it is quite a memorable experience. You don't need to be an especially gregarious sort of soul, although that probably helps, at least a tad. But there's a different electricity to the room when the lights are turned on the seats and the people sitting in them.

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