Now Playing: Spaghetti Western with Live Tunes

SPINDRIFT: We've been grooving on the psychedelic western genre for some time now -- those regal top hats and boots and tiny, circular glasses just appeal -- and now we have more cause to put our fringe-y, suede purple gloves together in applause. Cool, root-'em-toot-'em psych-western outfit Spindrift is playing live tunes at the Art Theatre from their movie "The Legend of God's Gun," which is also screening. How often have we been able to see a flick, and also enjoy the band from the movie playing songs from the flick? Not often at all. Could maybe more bands tour this way, with the movie they're involved in? An innovative way to feature both tune and tale. Good stuff, Spindrift. Friday, February 20, 11:55PM. The Art Theatre of Long Beach, 2025 E. Fourth Street, Long Beach. 562-4385435

ALSO PLAYING: The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man glowers his way through New York City as Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray attempt to not cross the streams; see it at the NuArt on Friday, February 20 (midnight). "The Thin Man" movies shake another cocktail, or three, at the Silent Movie on Saturday, February 21. And if you know the line "hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die" by heart, you may want to be at the Regency Fairfax at midnight on Friday, February 20. (Us, we're charmed by the R.O.U.S...)

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