OC Foodie Fest

FRIES, POPS, WAFFLES: When you set up shop in a baseball stadium, you're not messing around. At all. You've booked the sizable venue because you expect thousands of people at your event. You're planning on about 100 food trucks and other purveyors of edible goodness to be cooking and saucing and serving the things they cook and sauce and serve. And you're planning on everything taking up the better part of a Saturday. No, a lot of us may never need to book Angel Stadium for something, but the OC Foodie Fest was definitely right on when they scheduled their party at the park for Saturday, Aug. 27.

WHO'LL BE THERE: If it is a food truck and it exists somewhere in Southern California, we have the sense it'll be at the fest. Spudrunners, Kabob'N Roll, and Dumpling Station are three on the list, and now we're kind of obsessing over Great Balls on Tires (meatballs supreme). There'll be bands doing their bandly thing, vendors selling crafty prettiness, a beer garden and cars. A get-in ticket is twelve bucks. We'd arrive early, given the popularity of food truck things. General admission opening is noon on the 27th.

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