OC Gumshoes: Sherlock Holmes Exhibition

Magnifying glasses in hand, detectives; a large-scale clue-laden happening is afoot.

SHERLOCK AND SUNSHINE: The tropes of Sherlock Holmes are so famous that practically any fan of literature's most famous detective can easily draw them from memory. His deerstalker cap and the Inverness cape and the magnifying glass and the other tools of his look-closer, think-deeper trade are iconic by this point, and even when the character shows up in the modern age -- hello, Benedict Cumberbatch -- he still has that old-school, oh-so-stately air about him. But Mr. Holmes lacks a few items, objects we never see him with in any story, and they include a bottle of spritzing sunblock, sunglasses, and one of those portable misting fans. For Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional sleuth resides in murky London, and is given to stalking about shadows, the better to nab the baddies. How, though, will Sherlock Holmes, at least the idea of him, greet sunny California? Perhaps a bottle of sunblock shall be in order when "The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes," a joint venture of several organizations, including the Conan Doyle Estate Ltd., arrives at the Discovery Cube Orange County for a multi-month run. The game's afoot from.

JUNE 11 THROUGH SEPT. 7: Visitors will attempt "to solve the ultimate mystery" as they track clues through the low-lit, London-lovely show. "Guests will be transported into Sherlock Holmes' London to solve a crime in a world filled with innovation and experimentation." Several galleries will be featured, including a recreation of Dr. Conan Doyle's study (complete with original letters and documents), an area delving into the science of Sherlock, and the study of Dr. Watson and his sleuthing companion. Look also for an area devoted to the pop culture of Sherlock Holmes, from movies to TV and beyond. Call it a comprehensive dive into the mystery legend's world, without having to catch a fast plane across the Atlantic. Cost? You'll pay the Discovery Cube Orange County entry fee, plus an additional ten bucks (not pounds or pence, of course, though you may long to pay the British way). As for deducing, Sherlock-style, upon departing? Maybe you will have picked up some very handy tips. Just don't forget the cape and hat.

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