Offbeat Valentine's Eve: Make Art

Van Gogh's work is the inspiration in Pomona. (There's wine and eats, too.)

VALENTINE'S DAY, much like New Year's Eve, can put oodles of pressure on a pair of sweethearts. Do they go the expected route, with the flutes of bubbly and the string quartet and the dinner that arrives under polished silver domes? Or do they take in a museum? The Milliard Sheets Art Center in Pomona is artfully combining both dinner -- less those silver domes -- and the museum -- less the standing-and-looking part -- with a Valentine's Eve to-do that's both quirky and cuisine-nice. It's called Palates & Palettes, and it is indeed about the food and the visual arts. But visual arts being made by you, with brush in hand, as you munch upon eats inspired by a particular artist. That artist, on Saturday, Feb. 13, will be Vincent Van Gogh, and the menu served at the happening will also hail, in theme, from The Netherlands. Call it a whole experience, from what the eye is consuming to what you're consuming, and call it a quirkier way to celebrate the day of hearts. It's seventy five dollars, you'll get the painting supplies you need to take on starlight and hay and the other subjects you're inspired to try, Van Gogh-style, and food and wine is part of that price, too.

AND ANOTHER SWEET THING? If you still want to spend the official Day o' Sweethearts -- Sunday, Feb. 14 -- doing the more traditional museum-then-dinner thing, you can, as this one'll wrap up on Saturday night. Is that too luxe, doing lovely-fun things on both days of Valentine's Weekend? We vote not, if you and your honeypie like trying fresh stuff out together. But if your Valentine's Weekend is already full up, because you are fab in the planning department, there are more Palates & Palettes nights to come at the Pomona Fairplex art hub: Look for dates spotlighting Georgia O'Keefe, Matisse, and more artists in the months ahead. Cuisine and vino are also involved, which means you can tour a few places, styles, forms, and menus all while making art at the Fairplex.

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