Officials Go Door-to-Door With West Nile Warnings

Riverside County health workers are urging residents to take precautions after the county's fifth reported case in confirmed.

Health officials are going door-to-door in Murrieta warning residents about West Nile and offering tips of how to protect themselves and their families, prompted by a positive tests for the virus in mosquitoes collected from a local neighborhood.

Surveillance of the area has increased, as well as attempts to control the number of mosquitoes in the area.

"Getting face-to-face contact with residents helps us make sure they get information about protecting themselves," said Dottie Merki, program chief for the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health, in a written statement. "These steps are simple but they can go a long way toward raising awareness and protecting people."

The county’s fifth case of West Nile was confirmed recently, when a man from the southwest area of the county fell ill.

Suggestions for residents include:

  • Use insect repellent or lemon eucalyptus oil on children under the age of three to deter mosquito bites.
  • Be aware and avoid outdoor activities during peak mosquito hours, which are generally dawn and dusk.
  • Wear long sleeves and pants to protect skin when outdoors.
  • Drain standing water, empty unused flower pots and pools.
  • Keep tight-fitting screens closed.

Anyone with questions, or to report standing water and neglected pools, is asked to call Riverside County Vector Control at 951-766-9454.

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