Oh, But We Do Adore a Delicious Breakfast Deal

A good restaurant deal is always welcome. And when that deal comes in the wee smalls of the day, paint us pleased. That's because not only is breakfast generally a friendlier meal on the pocketbook -- so any deals seem to just stretch further, in our minds -- but because discounts so often are the sole province of lunch and dinner.

Plus: breakfast. Right? We're mad for eggs and toast and crumpets and those tiny jars of marmalade and anything that was formerly a melon but is now a carved work of art. And fellow breakfast lovers can count on a lot of the yummy staples, from eggs to marmalade and beyond, during the "Breakfast in Beverly Hills" deal going on now in, you guessed it: Beverly Hills. There are several restaurants participating, the deals run through the end of April, and there's good stuff on offer, like special meals at a few places and a complimentary cup of joe at others. Check out the whole list for details on your fave spots.

"Breakfast out" will forever be two of our favorite words. Now only if they'd let us arrive in our pjs and fuzzy slippers...

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