Oh La L.A.: The French Music Festival

Trois nuits. Beaucoup de chanteurs. En Hollywood, mais oui...

Lisa Roze

French pop can feel downright fizzy. As fizzy as you feel driving a snazzy Renault you just borrowed from your best friend's favorite oncle into Nice for the weekend, and as stylish, too. And while the form has dominated the scene, at least over here, for the past few years, there are other sounds emerging from the continent. Sounds that are expanding the edges of traditional pop.

Enter the Oh La L.A. Festival. It's throwing a three-night boum for French pop lovers and makers, evenings that will include dance music, folk, electronica, movie-mad flows. On the schedule: sweet duo Cocoon, sunshine-making Sebastien Tellier, motherboard-y The Shoes, and Nouvelle Vague with its straight-from-the-cinema mojo.

Land on your band and go to the night they're taking the stage. Or attend all three soirees. Metro has a discount deal going with Oh La L.A., which makes parfait sense to us. After all, how else would you want to arrive at a French music festival but on le metro?

Oh La L.A.: The French Music Festival is at Music Box @ Fonda on September 23-25th.

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