Oh No! We Meant to Do 12 More Things by Now…

Right about this time, in the flurry of dashing around like mad people, we pause and think, "oh right, there's that whole fun/celebrating element of this most joyous season." Good news, then, that all the happy, once-a-year stuff hasn't yet wrapped. Here are some glittery go-outs that have yet to throw down the sash...

THE TOP HATS: Everyone who goes Grove during the holidays develops a soft spot for those high-kicking, trolley-tapping showgirls who are all style and smiles (we have, in fact, never seen a Top Hat *not* smiling). The nightly Top Hat show, which takes place near the fountain, was scheduled for weekend nights only through Christmas, save for a handful of special weeknights. See the dance-y extravaganza on Tuesday, December 23 (the final Top Hat show of '08)... 7PM and 8PM, Tuesday, December 23. The Grove, 189 Grove Drive, Los Angeles. 323-525-0270

LIGHTS: Oh, we're all fine in the lights department; in fact, it seems to us that most houses and businesses are leaving them up through New Year's Day, and some even past that to the next Monday. (Leaving them up through mid-July is not quite so festive, but to each his own.) The DWP Light Festival in Griffith Park twinkles through Tuesday, December 30.

REINDEER ROMP: We're sure they've worked out their schedule this week with the big boss (aka Santa), but when they're not pulling flying sleighs the reindeer at LA Zoo will be snorfling, pawing the ground and indulging in other reindeer-ish activities through Thursday, January 1 from 10AM-4PM.

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