Ohhhh: The Fireworks Start Early

So close, Fourth of July. So very close. Soon, we all shall be watching fireworks, or eating ice-cream-y things on sticks, or thinking patriotic thoughts, or standing over a grill, waving mesquite smoke away from the condiment table.

But the holiday still isn't here. That doesn't mean we all can't start celebrating early. Like it does every year, Hollywood Bowl kicks off the big Independence Day to-do days ahead of the July 4th, with a red-white-and-blue concert and a light show to boot.

On the stage under the shell July 2nd-4thMr. John Fogerty. "Susie Q" and "Proud Mary" both carry Americana-ish pride in their aural souls, and we expect the show from the Creedence Clearwater Revival lead man to be plenty rootsy.

Then: fireworks. If you've been in Hollywood around the Fourth, you know you can sometimes see the tippy-top of them. If you're inside the Bowl, you know they are spectacular. Proud Mary keeps on rollin', and the Hollywood Bowl keeps up a fantastic, and stirring, holiday tradition.

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