Oktoberfest at Anheuser-Busch

A dance performance, festive decor, and tunes bring Munich to Fairfield.

ROLL OUT THE BARRELS: We revisit, with fondness, the lyrics of classic songs, again and again, but we should often pause to ask ourselves how often we've truly participated in some of the activities mentioned in these famous ditties. For example, "roll out the barrels" is a line most people can sing in tune, but have you ever put your hands to a barrel and set it spinning? It may not be on your bucket list, but perhaps it should be added if you pay a visit to the grand-style Oktoberfest happening now through Saturday, Oct. 15 at Anheuser-Busch in Fairfield.

THE MONTH-LONG FESTIVAL... is very much about the libations and sustenance — more on that in a moment — but the weekends will include a host of other traditional to-dos, such as, you guessed it, barrel rolling and the always laugh-summoning, splash-making stein relays. Light-hearted competition is at the heart of many Oktoberfest celebrations, but so is dance-ready music from bands who know how to raise the oompah, so come with your to-the-knee Bavarian socks on and cut the proverbial rug. As for the...

BREW AND BITES? Spaten Oktoberfest, the "world's first Oktoberfest beer," will in the steins, along with other suds like Spaten Optimator and Spaten Lager (one's a roasty malt bev, the other satisfying, straight-forward lager). Best find your Fairfield stay and your designated driver, the better to enjoy the day, and best find the Bavarian-style socks and lederhosen, if you're going to go all-out. It's a big Oktoberfest in a big state, and one of the few happening at a large maker of foamy libations. For all of your falltime fest details, roll your barrel this way.

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