Oktoberfest’s Sassy Sibling

Septemberfest is getting sudsy at Sony.

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This is the world we live in. Today. It's a world where one can add "-fest" to any month outside of October and get away with it. That is a great world.

Take Septemberfest for example, which is devoted to the pleasures of the stein, like the more famous Oktoberfest. There's a Septemberfest going on on Saturday, Sept. 25 at Sony Studios, and it will share much in common with its monthly neighbor. Well, beer will be in common. Tasty beer, and lots of it.

Bare Knuckle will be served. So will brews from the Stone Brewing Co. And EuroBrew. We're not sure if there will be chicken-dancing or stein-lifting contests, as in a traditional Oktoberfest, but bet you'll wipe the foam from your top lip once or twice, like a traditional Oktoberfest.

Two questions. Could you do Septemberfest and Oktoberfest in the same day? Bending time and space and smooshing "-fest"-ending things together in a way they haven't been smooshed before? There are a few Oktoberfests going on, in Huntington Beach and Torrance. You could, but have someone who is sticking with soda drive you, and be responsible. You can still wear your chicken outfit, of course, if you choose. That's not what we mean by responsible.

The other question: Will Septemberfest, down the road, as it evolves, change one of its letters? Echoing how October transmogrified into Oktoberfest? We think Sebtemberfest is fun, and the "b" that replaces the "p" can stand for "beer."

A ticket to the Sept. 25 Septemberfest, which is produced by drink|eat|play, is $50.

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