OMG, He Looked Right at Me: NKOTB

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For fans who stuck out the long, hit-less years, and for newcomers who like the band's turn-it-up-and-groove-along vibe, New Kids on the Block -- or NKOTB if you're in a mad rush -- are quite the success story. Their show at the Nokia Theater on Wednesday, November 26 is sure to be packed with the young'uns (now adults) who bought their albums -- in addition to every product imprinted with their handsome visages, including lunchboxes, clothing and school supplies -- back in the early 1990s. That's the halcyon era when the Boston-bred Kids were but young teens who owned the world, and the top of the charts with ditties like "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)" and "You Got It (The Right Stuff)." We miss the mousse and the acid-wash jeans. Not just for them, for everyone.

Though we personally can't sing every lyric to all of NKOTB's smash hits, we know at least five people who can, which says the fever still sweeps the fans and the music's got pop sparkle to spare. Glad Jordan, Joey, Jonathon, Donnie, and Danny are back on stage working for the people who've got a few screams left to give.

Wednesday, November 26, 7PM doors
Nokia Theater at LA Live, 777 Chick Hearn Court, Los Angeles

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