OMG! Japanese Designers Create Most Luxurious UGG Boots Ever!

If you thought UGG boots were only for Tri-Delts and Miley Cyrus, you're wrong. They are also for Japanese trendsters, at least now that mastermind Japan and Vsivim have had their way with them. The cultish labels have created what they're calling the "Zephyr" boot, which has all of the clunky, sweaty charm of an UGG, but with fur linings, a "crisp, white sole", and what appears to be a fine variety of leather. The resemblance is kind of uncanny, and we'll be interested to see if the UGG honchos have anything to say about it—even though this version is clearly not courting the typical UGG-wearer who needs to worry about rogue beer pong cups and walking to class in the rain, in which case impact on the brand should be minimal.

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