On Sale Now: Tickets for Cirque du Soleil's “KOOZA”

Clowning is serious, tightropery has a sense of levity, and there are few outfits somersaulting around the globe today as robust or twinkly-of-eye as Cirque du Soleil. The Montreal-based merriment machine has been astounding for decades, truly. And when we say "merriment machine" we picture a steampunk-y device full of ancient cogs and strange thingamabobs and wheels galore. Tres Cirque.

And many, many people can list off the Cirque shows they've seen over the decades: "Ka" and "O" and "Dralion" and... Well, there have been lots, each with their own costumes and themes and wonders. Now "KOOZA" is prepping to pirouette onto Santa Monica Pier starting in October.

The circus will be in town for a solid month -- October 16-November 15 -- but, if you've attended past Cirque shows in LA, you know tickets tend to fly out the door as speedily as a harlequin can play-steal an audience member's hat.

Which is leading up to this: June 16 is the first day of ticket sales for the general public. Still a third of a year ahead of the show, we realize, but, as every human over the age of 4 knows, a third of a year flies. In fact, we'll call it the fastest non-animal on earth.

We're looking forward to a bit of astounding ahead. After all: October/autumntime. The time of mysteries and mischief and long shadows and delightful strangeness. A good fit.

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