On Sale: Sierra Nevada Beer Camp

The multi-city festival tour will make a stop in LA in late June.

Sierra Nevada

THE DREAM... of journeying to Chico and joining an informative tour, or a multi-day educational session, at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is a real one for many a brew buff around the Golden State. They've heard the (true) tales of the in-depth lessons, the exploration behind the science of beer-makery, and all of the components that go into creating the perfect ale, from hopsy start to foamy finish. But getting to the city, and carving out a bit of time to join a tour or camp, is another matter for most. Good thing, then, that the fabled brewery, which has its flavorful roots in the late '70s, sends a one-day take on this signature event out to a number of cities each year. Figure that signing up for the experience in a different city, your city, is almost like visiting the company's Chico headquarters, but without needing to book a hotel room or flight. Is getting to know the world of craft beerdom, from a variety of makers, on your bucket list? Then clear the final Saturday in June, for the whole kit and caboodle is making for Los Angeles. And, yes, it may still be winter but...

TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE: There's a general admission at fifty bucks, a ticket for early access, and one for designated drivers. The whole sudsy shebang is happening next to the Queen Mary, and is billed as "the nation's largest celebration of locally brewed craft beer," with "over 300 brewers" working alongside the Sierra Nevada brewers. The company's celebrated "one-time-only collaboration beers" hail from this partnership, one that not only spotlights the brews that come out of Chico but those that spring from craft breweries around the nation. It's a taste-and-try happening, which is why you'll want your designated driver at your side. Will it inspire you, though, to try to get to Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, one day, at least for that informative and in-depth tour of the foam-creating facilities? It's one of those California must-dos for those adventurers who love their IPAs and stouts. For more info on tickets and what Beer Camp Across America is all about, click.

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