One Man + All the Zagat Restaurants

Sean Robins eats at every eatery in the 2011 guide to honor his dad.

Occasionally a story crosses one's path that is so full of cheer and whimsy and goodness that you feel like you want to ring everyone you know and tell them that they need to do something similar.

Even if everyone you know does not, that's okay, because Sean Robins is out there fighting the good fight for all of us. Why? Because Mr. Robins has dedicated himself to eating at every restaurant in the 2011 Zagat's Los Angeles guide.

Do you know the Zagat's guide? Do you know there are many, many eateries listed? Yes. You do.

He's done 'em all, almost all, and it has taken him, well. Wait for it. Fourteen years. That seems about right to us. Right when you consider that he's taken on over two thousand eateries.

Well. He's done 'em all except for one last spot. Yep. It's Pink's. Of course it is Pink's. That's what we would want and expect. If you're going to eat across LA, end at Melrose and La Brea with a Huell Howser dog. Our opinion.

Now here's the goodness part: Sean is doing all of this in honor of his dad, a man who worked in the food and beverage business. His father was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer nearly a decade ago and was "given days to live," says Sean. But he rallied on and is still here today. "Cancer however has robbed him of his ability to eat or drink," says his son, who is making his Zagat quest a quest to raise money for cancer research. 

Pink's is making a donation, we should note, which Mr. Robins will match.

His Pink's stop is going down on Saturday, Aug. 13 at 4 p.m. You can follow all of his culinary adventures about town at Feed the Monster.

Whimsy, cheer, and goodness, yes? All of that and more. Who's next? Someone take on something epic, for an important cause, and if it involves some local favorites all the better. 

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