One Restaurant Celebrates Its Negative Reviews

We must see, oh, we don't know, 50,000 ads a year. A day? There are a lot of people trying to sell us on a lot of things all the time, and how successful they are varies. But we've never forgotten the newspaper ad for "Lost Highway" -- the David Lynch flick where Robert Blake played a mystery man and Patricia Arquette was the soft-spoken femme fatale -- that ran over a decade ago. The flick had gotten the double thumbs down from Siskel & Ebert, and so the company behind the movie, October Films, trumpeted that in the ad.

No surprise why that particular tact stuck with us, and now we're thinking of it again as we read that Pizzeria Delfina, a San Francisco-based pie palace, is putting its negative Yelp reviews smack dab on the staff t-shirts. Wowza. Talk about a conversation starter for a date that's lagging; once the server has taken an order and walked back to the kitchen, we're guessing tables light up with "what was that about?" chitter-chatter. The example pictured at Eating LA says "The pizza was soooo greasy. I am assuming this was in part due to the pig fat." Yep. Printed on the server's shirt.

Well, one thing's for sure: We'll probably never forget Pizzeria Delfina, and this t-shirt will be forever filed in our noggin where the "Lost Highway" ad has been stuck all these years. Very audacious, and audaciousness is a quality we could all use buckets more of these days.

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