One To Watch: Emily Factor

Despite eco-fashion making leaps and bounds in the past few years, with designers like Stella McCartney, Linda Loudermilk, and Edun pushing the limits of sustainable apparel into high fashion realms, very few us still take it seriously. But we should. Refreshingly, LA Fashion Weekend held a Green Initiative show this year, showcasing a few young, up and coming eco designers, and the true standout was Emily Factor.

Factor, a California native who holds degrees from both London’s Central Saint Martins College and FIDM, debuted her first ever collection last year. This season, her SS11 collection, titled “Sacred Spring” was inspired by coastal mountain ranges and rolling hillsides that translated, for her, into into soft silhouettes and lots of floating layers. Factor says: “I always look to the raw, natural world for inspiration. Forests, mountains, tide pools, weather systems, plants, rocks, microorganisms; all land, sea and sky.”

What really sets Factor apart, beyond her use of sustainable fabrics (silk, chiffon, chamois...), and reclaimed materials, is that she digitally prints her own textiles using sustainable, non toxic dyes. So, not only is she curating a vision collection by collection, look by look, but the fabric she uses is self-designed as well, making her light, feminine, flowing pieces in warm, earthy tones truly a standout in the Los Angeles fashion scene.

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