Opening: Tiger Trail at Safari Park

Get to know the Sumatran Tiger and its majestic world.

EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT: While we can stand and observe a beastie inside an animal park, how it sleeps, how it eats, how it frolics and observes us, it is a treat to take a trail of sorts, a trail that leads to the beastie's back story. Such is the case, though, with the new Tull Family Tiger Trail, which debuts at San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Saturday, May 24. Beautiful Sumatran tigers will call the area home, of course, but there will be a whole environment to get acquainted with, from the Log Walk ("illegal logging is one of the major threats to the Sumatran tiger," reads the site, and "the Tiger Trail's Logging Camp represents this conflict between humans and the wild.") A Pondok is on the grounds -- that's a hut -- and its role takes on the conservation and protections of the Sumatran tigers. And the tigers themselves? You can admire their majesty from the outdoors or through a large glass window, a window that provides a look underwater. (Yep, they like swimming.)

WANT TO GET YOUR TIGER ON NOW? If you can't wait to get out and wander the expansive trail, you can start your feline fascination at home via a furry photo program the park just shared with its social media followers. To celebrate the opening of the Tiger Trail, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is inviting fans to "Stripe Yourself" via a photograph and a few artfully places zigs and zags. Oh, and lots of whiskers, too, of course. Curious, cat people? Roar this way.

MEET TIGER CAM: And you can take a peek at Sumatran tigers lounging about the trail via Safari Park's new Tiger Cam. Catching a glimpse of one of the big cats is sometimes a luck of timing, but check in a few times over the day and bet you'll eventually see a gorgeous and powerful animal doing some chilling. Is there a cat out now? Take a look.

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