Orange, Full of Flavor

The Orange International Street Fair is just ahead.

This is the way it should be.

Any time there is a major, much-attended event -- say, like the OC Foodie Fest, which took place at the Honda Center on Saturday, Aug. 28 -- there should be another nearby event, almost immediately. Say, an event that has a lot of the same appeal, say, like the Orange International Street Fair, which is happening in Orange from Friday, Sept. 3 through Sunday, Sept. 5.

Of course, they're two different happenings; we won't compare Anaheims and Oranges. The truck-laden Foodie Fest just marked its first outing; the booth-focused International Street Fair is turning 38.

But while decades may separate the two, deliciousness unites them; food is at the heart of both celebrations, and we can all get behind that. We're also sweet on the banners that have been hung out in years past at the Street Fair, signs that trumpet "English Street" and "Welcome to Switzerland." It's like taking a mini-tour around the world, plastic spork (rather than passport) in hand.

We said "Orange, Full of Flavor" at the top of this post, but Orange is always flavorful. We love that sweet spot, and if you haven't visited, you are in for a stroll-y treat. If you happen to be eating a treat, then you're in for a stroll-y treat while eating a treat. Nice.

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