Organ Fantasias and the Night Sky

Cottage cheese with the pineapple bits already mixed in, mom-like aprons covered in ric-rac, martinis with four -- four! -- olives on the pick. All of those are good things that have a comforting element. Insert <sigh> here. Something else possessing the comforting element: the nice Monday-night go-out. 

We should add, the nice Monday-night go-out that happens week after week. We don't have to go looking for it. No Googling required. We know when it is happening and where. Because on Monday? The brain. The brain is pulling the covers tighter and not wanting to try.

The Electones, a lounge-y, organ-cool, vibe-y collective, is the Standard Downtown rooftop house band on Monday nights. You know this bar. You know you like to have the vintage, packs-a-punch drink -- like the 7&7 -- up there, and look at the library dome, and wave at people still working late in the office buildings. Relaxing.

The band starts at 5:30PM on Monday, July 27th, and every Monday to come for the foreseeable future. We're wearing something with ric-rac. Because Monday needs some merry.

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