Our Agatha Christie Adventure Fantasies Await

Every time we see a Rolls Royce Phantom from, oh, about 1934, we pass out, just a little, from sheer pleasure. Because there are few cars more beautiful, more hoity, more toity, more perfectly suited to driving down some overgrown country lane, on the way to some sprawling, 300-year-old manse, where cocktails and an Agatha Christie-type mystery awaits. Romantic to nth degree.

Maybe one day we'll ride in one. And we'll be wearing a fancy cloche and carrying a silver flask. Okay, fantasy wrapped.

And while a host of different vehicles pull into the Los Angeles Concours D'Elegance each time, maybe a Phantom, maybe not, auto aficionados can count on seeing a lot of major go machines. There are rare cars from the early 20th century, muscle-y entries from the chrome-tough 1950s, Bentleys and Ferraris. So, basically, a feast for the automobile buff's eyes.

The Concours is at Brookside Golf Course and the Rose Bowl on Sunday, June 7, and there will be strolling, sunshine, looking, dreaming of cloches and old mansions and roadtime fun. It's $30 at gate ($25 advance), and proceeds go to the Assistance League, which is a great and helpful organization that lends a hand in numerous ways. Numerous.

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