Our New (and Old) Obsession: Mapping LA

No surprise, really, that we're 113 neighborhoods in this big ol' mega-huge-gigantic-opolis; it's a number that sounds about right. But ever since the LA Times undertook its major, increasingly well-known Mapping LA project some months back, which neighborhoods and where and what streets border them and what makes a neighborhood a neighborhood have been some of the sometimes emotionally asked questions.

The Times announced on June 3 that there've been updates, so check it out if you haven't revisited (or visited) the feature in a bit. The readers comments have enlightened, amused, and piqued our civic curiosities. The maps suck us in. And the stats on average resident age and who is renting and which residents served in which wars is engrossing, simply put.

Like everyone, you'll probably start with your own neighborhood. But, for your second click, why not hop to an area of Los Angeles you don't know too much about? You can work your way back to your own pocket soon enough.

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