Over the Rainbow and at the Chinese Theatre

The iconic movie house will debut its first ever memorabilia exhibit.

It's funny how memory can change and embellish a happy visit.

We have a theory that if you asked someone "did you enjoy seeing all the movie memorabilia on your last visit to the Chinese Theatre?" many people would answer in the affirmative. Even though the Chinese Theatre never had such a display. But, because there so much powerful Hollywoodness inherent in the theater, it's hard to walk away feeling as if you haven't been viewing costumes from famous films. 

That's about to change. The glittery Grauman-built icon is indeed about to get a costume exhibit. And, wait for it; it is the theater's first exhibit ever. In 85 years. Can that be? Again, are you thinking you've seen loads of costumes there? It's the magic of being inside a very, very large example of Hollywood memorabilia, we think. Memory changes and grows.

Dorothy Gale's gingham-sweet get-up will be there; a Rita Hayworth gown'll go on view, too. And a Marilyn Monroe number from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." Va. Va. Voom.

The costumes have been on a world tour. Did you see them in Italy? Russia? There were about a thousand or so, but a few special ones have been chosen for the Chinese Theatre lobby.

The exhibit debuts on Thursday, Sept. 29. If you're seeing a movie at the theater, or you're a VIP guest, you've got your ticket in.

By the by, Chinese Theatre. We saw "The Wizard of Oz" years ago there. Is it time for a revisit? Or you could do a day devoted to some of the films represented by the costumes in your lobby? We're just saying. See it on screen, see it live. Everyone loves that. Fact.

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