Owl Tees


ANIMAL GROUP NAMES TEE: "A parliament of owls" has always sounded so right on, as far as animal group names go. And a "crash of rhinoceros" feels correct, too. You like beasties, you like wordy tees that have a bit of dash and style, you like the parlor game of remembering what animal collectives are called. Xenotees has your top. $22

HEADPHONES OWL TEE: The feel is wood-blocky, maybe with a hint of deco. And our feathered friend is wearing a jaunty set of  headphones. What's he listening to? Whatever you think he should be listening to. We think Wilco. Or Kate Bush. From Gnome Enterprises. $25

WHO VS. WHOM OWL TEE: The classic quandary. The question put to lit majors everywhere. Is it who or whom, and when? Two owls, one t-shirt, one question. Wear that's witty. Plus, talking animals: always a plus. Via One Horse Shy. $25

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