Own It: David Hasselhoff's Chandelier

A KITT car is going on the block, too, at a memorabilia auction.

Saying that there are two kinds of people in this world is typically an exercise in backtracking and the adding of qualifiers, so it is a route best not taken.

Unless you're talking about a celebrity auction. Truly, there are probably dozens of different bidders when it comes to entertainment effects, but the categories tend to split down the middle: Items seen on screen and items from the celebrity's personal collection.

At the upcoming David Hasselhoff bid-off in April, fans'll get a bit of both. The Julien's Auctions event has a mondo piece on the block -- that would be a KITT car, from "Knight Rider" -- and bunches of other Hoff-style goodies, from a pair of chandeliers to wardrobe pieces to a Fender guitar.

This KITT is a special one. It was "given to Hasselhoff by his fans," says Julien's, making it the actor's own "personal KITT car."

And, yep, you betcha: "Baywatch" stuff is going under the gavel, including that small-screen iconic red zip-up jacket. Please; if you win that, you're wearing it everywhere, perhaps even to your own wedding.

Surely someone's thrown a "Baywatch"-themed wedding out there? If magic exists, and we think it might, then there has been.

You can get a peek at the goods on March 13, when Lifetime's "Celebrity Home Raiders" spotlights Mr. Hasselhoff's collection. The auction itself? April 11 and 12.

If you're wondering even Julien's, a lofty auction house based in the 90210, calls the actor The Hoff, which everyone kind of does. We just hope the auctioneer does so as well.

So where do you fall, celebrity item collector? Do you prefer the stuff seen on screen or doodads from a private collection? You don't have to be one or the other; we can all want the "Baywatch" jacket and The Hoff's chandelier.

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