Pageant of the Masters: Sweet Valentine's Deal

Need a gift for your Pageant-loving sweetheart?

SPECTACLE WITH A SIDE OF SWEET: Many a commercial has told us that running down the beach together, laughing and joking and cartwheeling and pointing out pretty shells, is one of the most romantic activities a duo can participate in come Valentine's Day. Or going out to a candlelight dinner and splitting a dessert or catching a ballgame from seats behind the dugout or watching a sunset from a cliff while quaffing glasses of wine. Regardless of the scenario, though, the message is this: An experience shared is sweet, and rewarding, and the ultimate in gift-giving. But that experience doesn't necessarily have to happen on Feb. 14, which tends to be a bit busy in all of the usual let's-celebrate-our-love spots; a couple can look ahead, to the warmer months, to an anticipated shared experience. Pageant of the Masters, which runs for most of July and August in Laguna Beach, is making the giving-of-a-shared-experience plan an easy one this Valentine's Day: Seats on the Director's Tier Side of the Irvine Bowl tableaux vivant extravaganza are being offered for fourteen bucks through Saturday, Feb. 14.

SUCH A SNAP TO REMEMBER: Get your seats for $14 each by Valentine's Day, present the surprise to your pumpkin on Feb. 14, and then begin to dream of your night out at one of California's oldest pageants and a slightly surreal spectacle known the world over. ("Tableaux vivant" meaning people pose in place while convincingly mimicking famous artworks.) The tickets are normally twenty dollars for this particular section, and the special $14 seats? They're for Monday through Thursday night shows.

A FAMOUS ARTWORK... that will be recreated during the 2015 run is "Youth: Season of Love" from Currier & Ives, and the pageant's theme? The Pursuit of Happiness. But how to present your Valentine's Day present to your partner? Perhaps you can stand in place, statue-like, on Valentine's Day, for several minutes, as a clue. Will your sweetie guess his or her Pageant gift by your sheer talent in not moving a centimeter? Will you re-enact the Mona Lisa or the statue of David or some other iconic work, for their amusement? Valentine's Day is meant for a little merriment, and few events bear more merry than Laguna Beach's long-running "everyone freeze!" Pageant of the Masters.

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