Palm Springs International ShortFest

FAST FILM: January in Palm Springs may be all about the International Film Festival -- and the impressive red carpet and star sightings it always boasts -- but June in Palm Springs is the time for ShortFest. The short film festival hails from the same people who put on the multi-week winter cineparty, so the same variety and quality of film offerings can be expected. The 2011, which runs from Tuesday, June 21 through Monday, June 27, will open with a night devoted to funny movies. The Grim Reaper, a musical in the streets, and a really, really dedicated thespian make cameos.

ALSO ON THE ROSTER: Some looks at true-life stories and animated treats will be screened, too. Camelot Theatres is the main headquarters, although events and panels will be happening elsewhere around the P.S. Oh, and should we mention that a number of hotels and restaurants around the city are serving up a bunch of deals this summer? Discounts and such? We should mention. A hilarious and weird short film and the enjoyment of a hotel pool are two of our favorite things (and pretty much everyone's favorite things, we'd imagine).

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