Palm Springs Stay with a Sinatra Twist

The Colony Palms pays tribute to the centennial of Ol' Blue Eyes.

IF YOU CRUISE INO PALM SPRINGS... in your '55 Thunderbird convertible, and you don't have "I've Got You Under My Skin" or "The Best Is Yet to Come" rolling on the tape deck, then you haven't fully explored the mysterious relationship that can form between a singer and a city. The singer we're blatantly, not mysteriously referring to here is Frank Sinatra, a man who both called the desert resort home and gave it some of its hip, high-style cachet. It's hard to separate the feel of Mr. Sinatra's catchiest mid-century tunes from the mid-century look of the houses and furniture, so one shouldn't even try; they're woven together, a little bit, in the way separate art forms can weave. Where the trying element comes in, though, is trying to get to the sunny playground over the second weekend of December.

SATURDAY, DEC. 12... happens to be the centennial of the birth of Ol' Blue Eyes, and several clubs and eateries around the town are doing it up, big time, with special dishes and drinks and live performances of his work. And an era-awesome hotel will be in the finger-snapping swing of things, too, on the whole tipped-fedora, jacket-over-one-shoulder vibe of the weekend. Make that the whole month: The Colony Palms Hotel is offering a December-long stay-over package on called "Sleep with Frank," a deal that puts you on a property that still boasts oodles of old-school, Rat Pack-ready cachet. 

AS IT SHOULD: The hotel came into being in 1936, and in the years that followed a caboodle of T-town luminaries showed up, including Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart, and, yes, the Chairman of the Board. Your stay 'n snooze package kicks off at $169 for the night, and includes a twenty five buck food/bev credit as well as a pair of welcome martinis (we expect you may raise a toast in a certain artist's honor). If you do happen to be at The Colony Palms on Dec. 12, the very night when nearly the whole town, or at least a swingin' swath of it, celebrates Mr. Sinatra, get to the hotel's Purple Palm for a prix fixe menu based around Old Hollywood eats. And is there a Frank Sinatra cocktail for the night, made just for the occasion and all that? Please. You know there will be. Sip it and listen to jazzy tunes while you mull on centennials, iconic artists, cities that reflect a certain vibe, and the gas of time-traveling for a night at a '30s-cool hotel.

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