Palms-Village Sun Is Dead; Plus, Curbed Fall Reset: The terrible news of late is…

The terrible news of late is that the Palms-Village Sun, which provided informative and amusing stories from Palms (and was our only source of Palms news), has ceased publishing. So go the little community newspapers, so go the blogs. But moving on. As we enter these lovely fall months, a reminder on how to help us help you. 1) Tips: Sure, comments are great, but photos from the field, juicy intel and queries to the tipline are what keeps the Curbed LA lifeblood pumping. Anonymity is always guaranteed. Share with us at 2) Curbed Photo Pool: Feel free to drop all manner of interesting visuals (construction updates, destructoporn, stray couch sighting) in our Flickr photo pool. 3) Curbed Newsletter: Want a daily rundown of Curbed headlines delivered directly to your inbox? So efficient! To sign up, just put your e-mail address into that little box on the top right corner of the homepage and click sign up, and we'll handle the rest. Thanks.For more stories from Curbed LA, go to

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