Palo Alto/Carmel: Luxe Road Trip Package

Drive a swanky set of wheels between two getaways on "The Ultimate California Road Trip."

TWO HOTELS, SWANKY WHEELS: It isn't unusual, of course, for a stay-over property to offer some sort of amenity-nice package, or a few of them, the sort of plans that give a guest a few delicious add-ons during their time at the hotel. What is unusual, though, is to see a pair of hotels dovetail on the same swanky package plan, and to find a way to connect the hotel locales via a memorable mode of transport. That's what The Epiphany Hotel in Palo Alto and Carmel Valley Ranch are doing, though, and that memorable transport? It's a BMW i8 hybrid car. Call it the...

ULTIMATE ROAD TRIP PACKAGE, one that is as much about your time wending from Palo Alto to Carmel Valley as your overnight at both spots. The road trip starts at The Epiphany, with a luxury suite (complete with private patio) and a tasting menu dinner at Lure + Till, one that comes with a private chef consultation. There are other goodies, like a Palo Alto walking guide and an in-room breakfast. Then you pick up that BMW i8 hybrid and make your way for...

CARMEL VALLEY RANCH, where you'll bed down for the night in a Vineyard Oak Studio Suite and enjoy a "Dine Like a Chef" meal that'll spotlight local bounty. There are other nice to-dos, like a spa treatment and a private tour of the hotel's well-known garden (as well as its vineyard and salt house). After your stay wraps, you'll be presented with a picnic and then you're back on the road, headed to The Epiphany to drop off your wheels (or the airports in San Jose or San Francisco, if you so choose). 

IT ISN'T OFTEN... that hotel-made packages send guests out on the road, so if luxe vehicles and perk-laden stays are your fancy, ponder trying out this rare package, one involving a sweet ride, two distinct properties, and the road between them.

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