Panda Cub: Vote on Six Names

You can vote on a half dozen names; poll closes Oct. 30.

THE NAMING TIME: It's a bit verboten, really, to tell people the baby name you've got in mind if you are pregnant. Experts warn expectant parents not to reveal the moniker they've chosen, lest friends, or perhaps worse, relatives cluck at the the choice and warn against. Better to tell people once the baby has arrived, and not put the subject up for a vote. Unless, of course, you are a world-famous panda cub and you're living at the San Diego Zoo. The cub born at the end of July, and its possible name -- it is a boy, in case you hadn't heard -- have lit up various Facebook pages for the last several weeks. Some fans want to tie the name to San Diego, or to the cub's perceived cuddliness, but the zoo has posted six choices, one of which will be the baby's name. Voting is on through Tuesday, Oct. 30, and the selections include Qi Ji (Miracle), Yu Di (Raindrop), Da Hai (Big Ocean or Sea), Xiao Liwu (Little Gift), Yong Er (Brave Son), and Shui Long (Water Dragon). Beautiful names, all. To vote, go here, or to watch the cub's most recent exam -- his 10th week check-up -- there's video below.

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