Park Ranger Uniforms: A Look Back

Stop by a Founders Day celebration in Three Rivers for this intriguing to-do.

THE CENTENNIAL CELEBRATIONS... happening around our national parks over the summer of 2016 are like wildflowers springing up in a meadow (or pine cones in a fir tree, if you prefer, or new leaves on an oak). There's a lot of them, in short, and they all possess their own beauty and character, much like aforementioned pine cones and flowers and leaves. Finding your fun, though, is merely a matter of seeing what your favorite parks are up to, in terms of paying tribute to the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. One of the most sartorial of the celebrations will fall during the Founders Day gathering at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks on Thursday, Aug. 25. There are actually a few to-dos that day, but one that will pique the interest of history buffs, as well as those who've always had an affinity for a particular chapeau that's often seen in the parks. It's the... 

HISTORY OF THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE UNIFORMS: It's difficult to think of a uniform that is more iconic than the one worn by NPS park rangers, and certainly the hat is well-known, with its classic shape and firm brim. If you've always been a fan of this slice of the parks' past, make for an open house in Three Rivers "highlighting the history of National Park Service uniforms." There's also a student contest that looks far into the future, and ponders what rangers might don in another century. Will those famous hats glow in the future? Will the hike-ready boots come with built-in hoverboard technology? It's fun to think about, as we get to know these stewards of our parks, and the sartorial dimension of their working lives, better.

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