Party (S)hopping: LeSportsac Celebrates Opening with Popcicles and Bubbly

Diabless may be on the outs on Melrose, but nearby LeSportsac just celebrated the recent opening of its first stand-alone boutique in LA late last week with champagne and Popsicles. Lucky mag also hosted and was set up taking photos of party-goers with LeSportsac bags.

Rather than just standing with cocktails, the crowd—fashion students, passers-by, actors, customers—was actually really looking at the merch. An actress checking out the Stella McCartney line said she wasn't thrilled about the champagne color, but was happy with the gift she left with—a black tote from the collection. While some attendees weren't aware of the brand, one attendee told Racked she'd bought a few items from the shop recently and was invited then. A fashion student and Mike & Chris intern said she had a LeSportsac backpack and had accumulated hand-me-downs from her mom: "They just last forever."

With such an '80s resurgence, we're thinking LeSportsac should re-release some of its old styles; if mom jeans can make a comeback, why not mom bags?
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