Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA's Critter Camp Broadcast Animal News

NBC4 Clear the Shelters participant Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA has a dedicated YouTube site broadcasting PHS and animal news, including video reports by the shelter's "Critter Camp" participants who cover all things pets.  

Critter Camp is a summer camp for animal lovers ages 9 to 12 with six sessions all season long.  The group created the first-ever "newscast" available to watch at with full coverage about cats, dogs and other critters. The program has been such a success that PHS is extending it to the fall as part of its after-school program.

The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA is an open door, community-funded center, which provides all animals a place where they receive a safe haven, care and respect. For more information, visit

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