Patrick Dempsey: Suddenly Everywhere

...We'd just like to point out that we've been rooting for one Mr. Patrick Dempsey since his "Can't Buy Me Love" days (along with that cute Amanda Peterson, which IMDB says last starred in something in 1995 -- Amanda, come back to Hollywood!). We thought his geeky Ronald Miller was sweet, and that he turned into a be-stubbled, be-race-car-ed, be-hit-show-ed hunk delights. Patrick, we know the nerd is still in there somewhere. "Can't Buy Me Love," the sequel? We're just saying is all.

So, lest we go on, and we can, about that particular movie, there are two PD items coming down the pike right now: one, he's guesting on "The View" on Wednesday, March 11. You know the ladies will be charmed and disarmed and giggling at his every grin. We can't blame them. And two, a traditional, looks-straight-from-verdant-Connecticut house owned by Mr. Dempsey has been picked-apart and well-eyed on the celeb real estate round-ups. A pretty property, that says elegant pool parties, gin gimlets and high-brow literature on the shelves to us.

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