Paul McCartney Gets His Walk of Fame Star

The musician'll be feted in Tinseltown on Feb. 9. Jet!

It has been one of those quirky bits of Walk of Fame trivia for years: What really, really, really famous musician doesn't have his own star?

Wait, we have a few more reallys to add: really, really, really, really. Okay. That's better.

The answer is Paul McCartney, who is indeed represented on the sidewalks of Tinseltown courtesy of The Beatles' star but not his own. This has caused some fans so much consternation over the years that various campaigns have formed to get Sir Paul on the Boulevard. (And, good on them, too; the musician was first nominated nearly two decades back.)

John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison all have their own stars, if you're curious. But you know this, right? We all know our Beatles factoids, which is right and good.

Now comes the big announcement direct from the Walk of Fame: Paul McCartney'll get his star on Thursday, Feb. 9. The long and winding road clearly leads to somewhere in the vicinity of Hollywood and Vine: The ceremony will be in the shadow of Capitol Records.

Awww. Nice.

More info will arrive courtesy of the good people at the WofF, who, by the way, are some of the most entertaining and delightful posters in all of SocialMediaLand -- remember the whole "reality performers will not get stars" brouhaha from last year? -- so best check in on their Facebook page.

And, as one wry commenter has already observed, dear Hollywood will likely be, uh, overwhelmed with fans on Feb. 9. We hope the city will have cleaned up its own party hats and balloons by then.

Oh, and another comment observed this: The Beatles' first U.S. appearance was on Feb. 9, too. (1964 was the year, natch.) Awww, again.

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