Pay What You Wish at “Freakonomics” Sneak Peek

The mega hit book has an unusual movie debut.

"Pay What You Like," after "Totally Free Apple Fritters," have to be four of the loveliest words to appear in a particular order. Museums, on occasion, invite the public to do just that: Pay what they like. Sometimes a restaurant will do so, over a day or week, to make a point of a possible political nature, or thank its loyal customers.

Or just because.

But making the sneak peek of the new "Freakonomics" movie a pay-what-you-like situation possibly trumps all other things that have indulged in pay-what-you-like-itude in the past. After all, the bestselling book, which has a popular New York Times blog and a rhapsodic following and possibly a cartoon series and line of donuts to come, looks at inclinations and patterns and non-patterns and why we do things and what we think we'll get from doing things and a hundred other intriguing, oh-so-human topics.

And so asking us to plunk down a cent, or a tenner, or a hundred bucks -- whatever we wish -- to see the Wednesday, Sept. 22 sneak peek of the film is truly Freakonomics at work.

If you want to participate, there is a survey you will fill out. There will be questions. You'll have to think about what you'd pay. There are nine questions, and you'll eventually be led to a ticket-purchasing site.

All that said, if you'd like to just pay whatever the movie theater asks you to pay, "Freakonomics" opens in major cities on Friday, Oct. 1. It'll play at the Landmark. No totally free apple fritters, but count on a lot of paradigms unraveled, with thought and moxie.

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