Peek Inside a Mysterious Movie Castle

Castle Green, that whimsical, straight-from-a-storybook former hotel that sits just south of Old Town Pasadena, doesn't open its doors very often to non-residents (in fact, it kind of reminds us of the factory in Willy Wonka). So when it does, as it is doing on Sunday, December 7 for its annual holiday tour, it definitely is a treat. So who shows for this thing? Lookie-loos, people who dig the arts scene, fans of old buildings, and anyone obsessed with places that have been used in a ton of famous films, from "Bugsy" to David Lynch's "Wild at Heart" (all the red drapery around the lobby is very Lynchian to us).

The Castle's site reports that Tim Burton lived here -- we can see that -- and Marcel Duchamp visited. While we can't guarantee you'll see any famous faces on the tour, you will see artists' apartments -- because many artists live there -- and beautiful salons done up for the season. Boughs of greenery, ribbons and pretty holiday things are all a part of the day, but we like eyeballing how the lucky and highly creative people who call Castle Green home live.

Holiday Tour
Sunday, December 7, 1-5PM
Castle Green, 99 S. Raymond Avenue, Pasadena

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