People Park in the Parking Spaces

Asphalt spots go verdant during Park(ing) Day LA.

Gary Kavanagh

What's the last thing you did in a parking space?

Probably parked, right? Easy question. But did you break out a few moist squares of sod and a kiddie pool and a few lawn chairs? Did you line up a row of quarters on the arm of your lawn chair, money in which to feed the meter next to your 12 x 8 little slice of heaven?

You might have done just that, last year, if you participated in Park(ing) Day LA. Now the urban movement and high-spirited public party is returning to the streets of Los Angeles -- and several other cities -- with a single goal in mind: Park people in the parking places. The 2011 date is Friday, Sept. 16. Here's the map and info if you want to find your nearest park or want to participate yourself.

There are other goals and themes and visions for behind the event, of course. The nature of cities and planning and roads certainly lend much conversation to the day. So does fun and creativity. What some people do with their parking spot is truly outlandish and deeply whimsical. We like to see them go green and leafy, but really, sky, or the curb, rather, is the limit.

Just don't forget those quarters.

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