Perfect 10 Photo Contest

PERFECT MOMENT: Perfect moments are fleeting, and all too brief, and we sometimes don't even realize that something was perfect at the time. It can take months, or years, for memory and emotion to crystallize something sweet in our minds. But once every so often everything is just right, the sun is just so, and there's a butterfly on a leaf, and a mimosa in your hand, and you've got a camera nearby. If you've caught what you consider to be the Perfect 10, and you like staying in nice hotels, best find that snapshot; Hotel del Coronado has a contest on.

THE DETAILS: You'll need to have a photo of that "perfect moment," and some words to back up what was going on (we'd personally make our words as pretty and perfect as possible; using high-brow phraseology like "awesome x 100" is not out of the question). Ten submissions will advance to the final drawing, and the winner gets two nights at the ocean-close resort, and dinner for two, and two massage. We imagine, the winner will have a few perfect moments there, and the process begins again. But living in a cycle of perfect moment-finding is not a bad place to exist.

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