Perfect Gift Files: ArtBites Gift Certificates

Admire oils (paint) while cooking with oils (olive, etc.).

Newsflash: Saying that artists throughout the ages have often gone to the table and cupboard for subject matter is not a newsflash.

But when these two things combine in a real-world way, that is news, and good news, too. ArtBites, that go-to-the-museum-and-make-a-meal organizations, is now offering gift certificates for those who love their eats and their arts.

The certificates come in two denoms -- $85 or $100 -- and the various classes all have a little something different to them. There's a parent-child course that is inspired by the worlds of children's books, as well as a number of museum tours involving topics like the Dutch Gilded Age and Art and Dining in Japan (the tours are paired with some hands-on cooking, of course).

Does legging it around the Los Angeles County Museum of Art seem to stoke the appetite? Ask that cookie and coffee vendor outside the Ahmanson Building. That cart is always hopping.

Maite Gomez-Rajón will head up the wandering-about and the whisking.

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