Pet Adoption Discount Through July

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Best Friends Animal Society

Big or small, there’s an adoptable pet for everyone. That’s the message behind the “Love Comes in All Sizes” awareness campaign at Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in Mission Hills. From July 19 to July 28, dog adoptions are $20 and cat adoptions are $10.

The center’s goal is to introduce the community to its loveable pets of every size and help determine which would be the best fit for each adopter’s lifestyle.

Here are some tips for potential pet owners from Mike Harmon, adoption manager:

Does a big dog need a large backyard in order to be happy? Not necessarily. As long as they get out for frequent potty breaks and a nice walk every day, many big dogs are quite content to be couch potatoes, depending on age and activity needs.

Aren’t little dogs usually yippy troublemakers? No. Any dog can be feisty; it’s not a size-specific trait. We have many mild-mannered little dogs that would love nothing more than to snuggle and to give kisses.

Isn’t it best to adopt a puppy or kitten? It depends. A calm, mellow adult dog could be a better fit for a busy family that doesn’t have time for training or exercise. Kittens also require time and energy to ensure proper enrichment, while an older feline is low maintenance, already housebroken and brings a lot of joy into a home.

You can’t find purebred dogs for adoption, right? Actually, the pet population at the center can include up to 25 percent purebreds such as Labrador Retrievers, Boxers, German Shepherds, Poodles, Lhasa Apsos, Brussels Griffons, and more at any given time.

Best Friends Pet Adoption Center is located at 15321 Brand Boulevard in Mission Hills and open daily from noon to 8 p.m. Call (818) 643-3989 or visit for details.

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