Photographers and Fish

Shutterbugs of every stripe make for the aquarium.

Andrew Reitsma

What's the fastest fish in the sea? They're all pretty speedy when they have to be, right? Except maybe the crab. Which isn't a fish. And can move fast when needed.


It was our initial intention to talk quickly about Photographer's Night at the Aquarium of the Pacific. It's happening on Sunday, Sept. 25, and an aquarium staffer told us there are a few spots left. Hence us wanting to summon the example of the fastest fish in the sea.

What is Photographer's Night? It's pretty self-explanatory, but the upshot is this: If you love taking pictures, and you want to be able to set up shots with tripods and such, without crowds of shark lovers jostling in front of you, you should sign up lickety-split.

Check out the photo above. It's a beauty. It took some time and thought. It wasn't snapped by someone who held a phone up for a quick, semi-bleary snap. (Our middle name lately seems to be "quick, semi-bleary snap" and that's certainly nothing against camera phones. It is everything against our unwillingness to pause and compose a shot.)

Entry is $24.95.

What will you take a photo of first? The jellies? The eels? It's hard to choose. Bet whatever you go with, though, will be a stunner.

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