Pies at the Museum

There's still room for your tasty creation at the Good Food Pie Contest.

Self-deprecation? Pretty cute. Modesty? Welcome in certain quarters. Waving away compliments about your pie-baking prowess? Nope. We don't go in for that.

The fact is this: If you can bake an excellent pie, everyone should know. Making a pie is not a snap, and results may certainly vary. The dough has to be flaky, or crumby, or both. And the filling definitely can't be all floughish. You know what we mean by floughish. Where the fruit or meat just kind of sits there.

Yeah. Not so much.

Is this you? Are you extraordinary? Then clear your calendar for Sunday, Sept. 18. That's the annual Good Food Pie Contest, it'll be at LACMA, and KCRW's all in the mix. So it is big and well-known, is what we're saying. So you'll need to bring your best.

Now. About bringing your best. Word is that KCRW is still looking for pie submissions. Here's the direct line, straight from KCRW's lips: "...the station is still seeking pie submissions from home bakers, professional, amateurs, first-time bakers, amateurs, and experts." Okay. So that about covers it.

Do you have a pie to throw into the ring? Not literally, of course; you'll want to keep the pan intact, and not get fruit filling on any spectators. Then get reading/cooking/preparing.

Attending is free, by the way, if you don't want to enter a pie.

And go wide; awards will be bestowed in five categories, says the station, plus best in show. Deadline to get your creation all up and entered is Monday, Sept. 12 at 5 p.m.. Meaning you have all weekend to experiment. Chiles and apples? Sure. Chiles and peanut butter? Okay. Chiles, Manchego, and carne adovada? Now we're talking.

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