Pigs Racing Chickens? It Must Be the Weekend

The Farmers Market Fall Festival returns for its 75th year with music, eats, and pigs racing goats. It. Cannot. Get. Better.


Tire, though we often do, of the rigors of city life, we love Los Angeles. But sometimes a little homespun hoedown, like the Farmers Market Fall Festival, goes a long way toward cutting through the noise and chaos. That said, the beloved landmark's autumntime bash, which is happening October 16th-18th, is hardly small potatoes.

We never see the Market busier than on this particular weekend (okay, that's not entirely true; it gets super-crazy-packed when Christmas hits The Grove), and not just with families, either. Young couples promenade up and down, hip-to-hip, strolling by the stalls or swinging to the raucous, get-up-and-twirl-your-honey music.

Caramel apples are eaten and giggled over. Pumpkins are thumped by individuals who have never thumped a pumpkin in their life. Photos guaranteed to appear on Facebook seconds later are snapped.

And what's going on just outside the Market: more activities than you can shake a sticky caramel apple stick at. Art demos and knot workshops and a whole hullabaloo. Did we mention the Great American Petting Zoo, which will be stationed close to The Grove? And the inter-species animal races? Think pig races, only with pigs *and* ducks *and* goats.

It's not so much "mano y mano" as "hoof y webbed foot." We're backing the oinkers. Have you seen pigs  run when something Oreo-like is waiting at the end of the track? Talk about hot pink. They're fast.

After the barnyard partying out among the animals, we'll likely head back into the Market, for an autumnal ale and some souvlaki. Then we'll find a table near the happy guy playing the heck out of his banjo and try not to tap our toes.

And we'll fail, happily.

Farmers Market Fall Festival, October 16th-18th

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